My story

Hi there,

I’m Jeanette and I live together with my husband and son in The Netherlands. Yes, the country of cheese, tulips, channels and…you probably know of what else…;)

Anyway, we love to hike, travel, go out for food and cook. During our travels we often find ourselves eating in authentic local restaurants, and trying to replicate those dishes back at home.

I have my bachelor diploma in Social Work and my master diploma in Public Administration. I knowww, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with cooking.

Then why would I start this food blog you’re asking?
Well, I come from a family where food has always played a major role in our lives. The interest in cooking was passed to me by my granny and my parents. I remember my granny spending hours in the kitchen preparing the most delicious dishes…those times were amazing!

My family has also lived all over the globe (say, in Russia, India, Indonesia) and that has helped me collect a number of tasty recipes, for which I wanted to have some place to store and share!

But why
Although I LOVE to cook, I’m a lazy home cook too. I don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing just one dish.
Especially when I became a mother, of an ab-so-lu-te-ly amazing boy, I started noticing that there were not enough hours in one day. That’s why I mainly post recipes that are easy, quick and always delicious!

All my recipes are tested at home and approved by me and my family. By the way, I have a very “food-spoiled” family, so you’ll only find the best recipes here 😉

Thank you for stopping by and for joining me on this food journey!

Lots of love,